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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-222-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In eSight, what conditions can be used to set alarm shielding rules? (Multiple choice) 
A. Effective time 
B. Effective period 
C. Alarm source 
D. Alarm 
Answer: ABCD

Which description about MAC address spoofing attack is not correct? 
A. MAC address spoofing attack mainly uses the switch MAC address learning mechanism. 
B. Attacker can through counterfeit source MAC address data frame send to switch to implement MAC address spoofing attack. 
C. MAC address spoofing attack will cause the switch learn the wrong mapping relation between MAC address and IP address. 
D. MAC address spoofing attacks will lead to the switch to be sent to the correct destination of the data is sent to the attacker. 
Answer: C

MPLS, also known as multi-protocol label switching technology, so to say the core of MPLS technology is the label switching. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

Which of the following options are not the default roles created by Huawei eSight? 
A. Administrator 
B. Monitor 
C. Operator 
D. End-User 
Answer: D

Which description about the LDP Session establishment process is correct? (multiple choice) 
A. The two LSRs send Hello messages to each other. The Hello message carries the transport address, and the larger transport address is used as the initiator to initiate the TCP connection. 
B. If the Transport Address is not carried in the Hello Message, then the destination IP address of the Hello Message is used to establish the TCP connection, and the larger destination IP address is used as the initiator to initiate the TCP connection. 
C. The initiative side will send the Advertisement Message, to negotiate and establish the LDP session related parameters, including the LDP protocol version, label distribution mode, Keepalive hold timer value, maximum PDU length, and label space, etc. 
D. If the passive side can accept the relevant parameters, then send the Initialization Message, while sending Keepalive message to the initiative side. 
Answer: AD

According to different requirements, the DHCP server supports multiple types of address allocation strategy, excluding ( ). 
A. Automatic allocation 
B. Dynamic allocation 
C. Repeat allocation 
D. Manual allocation 
Answer: C

In the process of building the LDP session will experience openSent state, when openSent state received Initialization Message, then sending KeepAlive Message, its state will be migrated to ( ) £® 
A. initialized 
B. openrec 
C. operational 
D. non-existent 
Answer: B

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